Top 10 Ways to Speed up WiFi

Way’s To Boost Your WiFi Speed

WiFi is a wireless technology which is connect to local area networks(LAN). It is smart and new technology. In this this kind technology we don’t have need to wires for connecting through internet. It allow devices to connect and communicate wirelessly. 

As we know that wifi is now common devices that we found in every sconed home and offices. It is cheaper and small devices. wifi has connected to multiple devices at same time. wifi is a best way to connect the computer and mobile with wireless internet. all modern computers and smartphones have built-in drives of wifi which allow to connect wireless wifi router.  When a device establishes a Wifi connection with a router it can communicate with the router and other devices on the network.

Every person want to know how to increase wifi speed because they are suffering from lower speed of wifi so that they stucked with their internet work. Many of person wanted to know that where we keep wifi so that we increase speed and rang of wifi.

Way's To Boost Your WiFi Speed

Ways to Increase the Range and Speed Up WiFi

1. Place the Router:- Try to place router in the middle of house and keep it near window. so that it increase the range ans speed as well.

2. Avoid to Plugin Device:- Avoid Trying to plugin any device on charging at same room where wifi router placed because it decrease the speed and range.

3. Clean the Cookies:- Try to remove the cookies of your device whether computer or phone. it help to access the internet speedily.

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4. Update you Router:- Try to update your router. so that it will protract your router from malware attacks.

5. Use Special Character:- Use special character on password. so that it will protract from WPS hacking. special character like- @,-,+,%,$,*,#and many more.

6. For Non Unlimited Plans:- In case your wifi plane is non unlimited plan. so try to avoid watching internet video because internet video takes lots of mbps.

7. Turn Off WiFi When Not in Use:- switch off wifi on those device which are not in use. so that other devices get better speed and connectivity. Another reason is to improve security or save on electricity.

8. Check your Speed:- Check your wifi speed. There are various software on online for checking internet speed. like- speed test.

9. Scan Viruses:- If you are facing problem low speed internet then you scan your devices with antivirus.

10. Switch off WiFi For Some Time:- While using wifi if you face problem then switch off wifi for 2 to 3 minute. it will help to increase the speed of wifi.


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