How to Stay Calm At All Time

If you want to free from stress and want to stay calm in every situation. so you should be follow up these points. It will help in to reduce the stress and keep calm in every situation.

1. Leave it what you’re doing :- If you feel stressed then leave it what you’re doing on particular time of period of time if it possible for you. Before getting back on your work. Take a long 2-3  deep breath. You will find that  You more relax then earlier.


2. Let it go :- Don’t pull the matter which you given stress. Try to avoid and get out of it. By changing the topic and divert your mind another side. Don’t  create the fuss with particular point. if you do that you will free from stress

3. Take a Long Breathes :- If you feel stressed then take a long breath minimum five times. Imagine all that stress come out from your body with each exhale. keep smile in every inhale. 

Take long breath

4. Loosen up your Body :- After taking long breath loose your body and keep your eyes close and try to think different matter and avoid stressed up matter.

5. Do some Exercise :- If you feel stressed then do some exercise. it is the one the best way to get rid from stress. if you do some exercise your mind get divert and it best way to calm yourself

6. Chanting of OM :- Chanting of om and mantras is one of the best way to keep calm and reduce the stress. The power of chanting of om and mantras help to reduce the stress. The daily chanting of Om will give peace to your mind, body, and soul.

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